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Virginia Eta Academics

Virginia Eta takes scholarship very seriously, as it has one of the highest fraternity GPAs at VCU. The President, Vice President, and Scholarship Chair all have access to grades of the brothers and monitor these grades all throughout the year. The fraternity works hard to provide resources and help to those who struggle with school. Some resources include tutors and campus connections. Examples of tutors range from brothers in the fraternity to tutors hired by the fraternity for a specific focus. Campus connections include the fraternity reaching out to a professor or director to come help a certain set of students or even speak to the whole chapter. 

The Virginia Eta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, striving to live up to a higher standard, has a set minimum GPA that must be achieved by all brothers to enjoy all the benefits from the fraternity. The minimum GPA, set at a 2.6, is higher than the university requirement and must be met by every member in order for them to be active brothers. To join the chapter, the minimum GPA must be met either coming from high school or from the cumulative GPA at the university. We take pride in our prestigious GPA and in ideals of "Work Hard, Play Hard". 

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