Philanthropic Efforts

Phi Kappa Psi is bonded around the great joy of serving others, at Virginia Eta we take that bond to a new level. We have philanthropic and community service events every week. The brothers of Virginia Eta will wake up early on Saturday and sometimes Sunday mornings to donate their time and efforts to the community. Our philanthropic efforts go towards many areas around VCU and the Richmond community. At The Evergreen Cemetery Virginia Eta has adopted a plot of land and is currently cleaning the land of trash, brush, trees, and other debris. Virginia Eta donates their time and efforts to the Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church on Fridays to help feed the homeless people in the area. We have adopted a section of Floyd Ave in Richmond VA from Monroe Park to 1600 Floyd Ave. Virginia Eta also works with the VCU Ram Pantry, BARK in Richmond VA, and various other philanthropies. We invite other student organizations, Greek and non-Greek, to join us at our weekly philanthropic events. If you enjoy making your community a better place, Phi Kappa Psi Virginia Eta is the place for you!