2016 Alumni Highlights

2016 Alumni Highlights

November - Kevin Farfan, VA Eta '12

Kevin graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He is currently working as an Analyst for Xerox. 

When he doesn't have his tie on he likes to relax by - playing the piano, sampling hip-hop beats, hitting the gym, chess, and drinking adult beverages in D.C. Occasionally he likes to go sailing to give his boat shoes some functionality. 

His favorite class in college was game theory because it reminded him of poker and all the strategies and nuances involved while multi tabling cash games online.

September - Robert Holt, VA Eta '12

Robert Holt, previously known to all of us as "The Bob Father," currently works as a Client Service Specialist II in Virginia Beach at TowneBenefits, a Towne Bank Family Company. At Towne, he manages 9 broker's accounts, which have an estimated annual revenue of $6.3 million dollars. He looks to continue with his career at Towne by moving up the managerial ladder. 

Rob is getting married to the love of his life, Kelsey Schweinsberg, whom was a Phi Mu at VCU.

Rob will have his Big Brother, Joey Stemmle, and his partner in crime all throughout VCU, Jae Lee, standing by his side this December as he gets hitched.

Rob also serves on the Central Virginia Phi Kappa Psi Alumni Association Board and looks forward to be a part of growing Virginia Eta and engaging Alumni and Undergraduates in Phi Kappa Psi programs for years to come.

Pictured below is Rob with his fiance Kelsey Schweinsberg.

August - Coty Heiser, VA Eta '12

Coty currently is working on active duty with the Virginia National Guard where he supports the entire state in the Department of Information Management doing IT work and looks to continue out his career serving his country full-time. He's hoping to move into a recruitment role with the National Guard in the next 3 months where he can usher in the next generation of soldiers to serve the Army National Guard.

Coty is heavily involved in his free time with music. He plays drums in two local touring Richmond indie rock bands and also does music producing and writing on the side.

Coty also serves on the Central Virginia Alumni Association Board and looks forward to be a part of growing Virginia Eta and engaging Alumni and Undergraduate programs for years to come.

July - Michael Nolan, VA Eta '12

Michael graduated from VCU in December of 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in History and now works as an agent for State Farm. His duties include managing his office, taking a lead in marketing and sales for his agency, and helping to restore people’s lives after tragedy strikes. For the future, Michael plans on moving out of the white collar and into the white coat as he is training more to be a chef, and plans to open his own restaurant in the future. He is currently honing his skills working as a line cook in multiple restaurants with different flavors and styles.

Michael spends much of his free time working in restaurants, not only as a source of income, but primarily as a source of learning. When he is not there you can find him at home likely cooking and experimenting, or out meeting with friends and generally being active.


June - Calum Firstenberg, VA Eta '12

Calum graduated from VCU in December of 2014 with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Management. He now works for Enterprise in the Management Training program with a goal of eventually running his own Enterprise branch. In the Management Program, he takes on a wide variety of tasks such as renting vehicles, managing inventory, providing exceptional customer service, building and maintaining relationships with various business professionals, and volunteering in the Richmond community. Eventually, Calum would like to work on the corporate team for Enterprise. 

In his free time, Calum is a part of a River City kick ball team for Enterprise and you can always find him downtown on a Saturday night with coworkers and friends enjoying the night life.

May - Graham White, VA Eta '12

Graham White graduated from VCU in May, 2015 with a Bachelors Degree in the Douglas L. Wilder School's Urban & Regional Studies program. Nowadays, he works in the craft beverage industry. Graham is the Tasting Room team leader at Blue Bee Cidery, a Richmond-based craft cidery. 

Besides giving tastings and guided tours, Graham assists with the production of cider and apple crushing during the harvest season. In his free time, Graham can be found trying out new Richmond restaurants, hiking along the James River, or out enjoying the local music scene.

April - Austin Sargent, VA Eta '12

Austin Sargent is currently enrolled at William & Mary Law School. He is specializing in employment and tax law. This summer he will be working in New York as a human resources consultant. He hopes this opportunity will give him the experience he needs to return to Virginia where he plans on running his own business.

Austin also serves on the board of a small non-profit called Revive My Vote, which seeks to help Virginians restore their voting rights after being convicted of felonies.

Pictured below is Austin playing water pong.

March - Jae Lee, VA Eta '12

Jae currently works at Bon Secours Health System as a project management analyst. There he works on projects that vary from hospital acquisitions to process improvement. He also supervises the core benefits and compensation operations teams. 

Jae also serves as a board member of the Richmond Compensation Association (RCA) where he is in charge of professional development. Additionally, he serves as our Central Virginia Phi Kappa Psi Alumni Association Vice-President.

In his spare time, Jae likes to film/edit videos with his drone and watch the VCU RAMS dominate in basketball.

Pictured below are his aerial photograph of Belle Isle and Jae at the VCU A-10 tournament in 2015.

February - Michael Seymour, VA Eta '12

Michael currently works for Ferguson Enterprises (the largest plumbing wholesaler in the United States) managing the companies marketing emails as well as all transactional messages. Michael also helps with other marketing initiatives in the Hampton Roads area. 

Michael recently got married to his VCU sweetheart Kiatlyn Seymour, who is an alumna of the AOPi chapter at VCU. In his spare time, Michael produces instructional automotive videos on Youtube - Garagetopics.com - #freeplug 

Pictured below is Michael with his wife Kaitlyn.

January - Luke Coury, VA Eta '12

Luke is currently a second year student at the VCU School of Dentistry in Richmond, Virginia. After graduating with his D.D.S. from VCU, he hopes to be placed in a residency program for Oral Surgery.

When not studying for classes, he enjoys his time by brewing beer, gardening, hiking with his wife, and volunteering for local dental clinics that provide care for underserved areas.

Pictured below is Luke falling asleep with his two dogs (Luna and Freyja) after finishing his final exams.