Alumni Spotlights

What is an Alumni Spotlight?

The Central Virginia Alumni Association hosts the Alumni Spotlight each month where an alumnus brother comes in and gives a presentation of his choosing to the Virginia Eta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi - it could be about his Chapter, his current business/career message, how to network / succeed in business, a story from his undergrad experience, or a motivational message.

October- Dan Mouer, PA Rho '92

Thank you to Brother Dan Mouer, Pennsylvania Rho '92, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight series with the Virginia Eta Chapter.

Dan focused his presentation on his career and how he worked through high school, college, and how that instilled a work ethic that he uses everyday now with his current employer the City of Richmond. Dan talked about how it is important to take any task given to you by a boss and to make sure you do it to full completion. Dan shared his experiences working for various Departments for the City of Richmond and how his hard work and experience have opened up new doors for him throughout his career.

Since the founding of the CVAA in 1997, Dan has taken numerous leadership positions throughout the years. He has helped to organize and execute many Founder's Day events.

The Chapter was also thankful to receive Phi Psi Holiday ornaments from Dan's wife, Jenni Serumgard Mouer.

September- Jack Speed, MS Alpha '68

Thank you to Brother Jack Speed, Mississippi Alpha '68, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight series with the Virginia Eta Chapter.

Jack focused most of his presentation on community service and the fraternity's motto "The great joy of serving others." Upon graduation from Ole Miss, Jack served in the Marine Corps for 2 ½ years. After decommissioning from the Marine Corps, he became he served as a fire fighter for Chesterfield County for 31 years.

He has also been to Haiti, Bolivia, and Ecuador to do voluntary medical work and dedicated 3 ½ weeks to join the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Since the founding of the CVAA in 1997, this recipient has taken numerous leadership positions. He has also organized, hosted, and helped financially fund several founders’ day events. Jack Speed has offered his house not once, but twice for Founder's Day. Today, he serves as a RN at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital continuing his service to the community.

Jack truly encompasses our national motto "the great joy of serving others."

April - Scott Bill, PA PI '87

Thank you to Brother Scott Bill, Pennsylvania PI '87, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight series with the Virginia Eta Chapter.

Scott graduated from Temple in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Scott was a founding father of the PA PI chapter and was a District 1 Archon from 1987-1989. He currently lives in Chesterfield County with his wife Eris and son Samuel.

Scott spoke about the beginning of his Chapter, his experience as a Founding Father and Archon, and the lasting friendships he has made over the years. Scott shared the similarities not only of VCU and Temple as urban campuses with similar populations, but that they also had a brother elected SGA president and had many great successes when they came to campus. When speaking to life long friendships, Scott stated that "I had a life event where I needed an accountant and I was able to call a Brother who was a successful CPA and he was able to help me through a difficult situation." Scott encouraged the Chapter to not lose focus and to continue to work towards our Fraternity's values and ideals.

February - Niko Wooten, VA Eta '12

Thank you to Brother Niko Wooten, Virginia Eta '12, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight series with the Virginia Eta Chapter.

Niko graduated from VCU in 2013 with a Biology degree and a Chemistry minor. Niko was the first colony president, a member of the VCU Varsity track team, SGA member, and a member of the Greek Week committee during his time at VCU. Niko is currently in the Navy and plans to attend medical school.

Niko spoke about the beginning of the Chapter, his experience in college, and facing challenges in life. He stated "Just cause you get off of one route doesn't mean you should ever give up." Niko discussed the process and challenges that come about when you start a colony/chapter but he told the Brothers to "cherish your time in college and the fraternity. Your best memories and experiences will be with the group. Make your memories last and count." Niko told the Chapter his best experience in college was finally getting the Charter and reflecting back on all the time and effort it took to get there. He told the Brothers to "always be willing to put in time and effort for your goals such as your GPA and Jobs. For him it was the Chapter and Charter."

January - Jae Lee, VA Eta '12

Thank you to Brother Jae Lee, Virginia Eta '12, for participating in our Alumni Spotlight series with the Virginia Eta Chapter.

Jae graduated from VCU in 2013 with a Biology degree and a Chemistry & Business double minor. Jae was a past President of the Student Government Association (SGA) and Vice-President for Virginia Eta. He currently works for Bon Secours Health System as a Project Management Analyst/Benefits Manager. 

Jae focused on how his leadership roles in Phi Psi were testing grounds. “It is a great learning opportunity and you learn skills that translate into the real world like using an email, running meetings, creating an agenda, and planning events.” He encouraged members to get involved with outside organizations as they are great networking opportunities, explained how it benefits Phi Psi, how it benefits them as person, and how it will eventually prepare you for your future professional aspirations.

Finally, Jae encouraged all members to get an internship before they graduate. He said “it can help you decide what you want to do, it gives you an opportunity to prove yourself to a perspective employer, and may lead to a potential career.” Jae was an intern for Bon Secours and was hired directly out of college.