Recruitment Chair Contact

Peter Donovan

Phone: (703) 517-3498


The Rush Process

Rush at Virginia Commonwealth University is much less strenuous than most schools. At VCU, you are able to rush in either the Fall or Spring and get to choose which fraternities you want to rush. If interested in joining a fraternity on campus, you must take the initiative to make contact with the recruitment chair and get more information on the rush events for each respective fraternity. Check out the Events listed on the homepage of this website. After going to as many rush events, depending on how good of a fit you were with the fraternity, fraternities will give you a bid. After you get your bids, you have a 48 hour period to accept the bid you think is your best fit and then commences the pledge process.

Why Rush Phi Psi?

The Pledge Process

Pledging for every fraternity is vastly different. For the gentlemen of Phi Kappa Psi, our pledge process aims to educate the new members on the history of our beloved fraternity, leadership building, as well as the ideals and standards we strive to live up to. We are a non-hazing fraternity and our pledge process is primarily aimed to enhance our new members from good men into great men.

The pledge process usually lasts the majority of the semester the new member rushes in. At the end of the pledge process, the new member will be given a final examination and based on the results, will be approved by the brotherhood to be able to become a fully-pledged brother. To learn more about the benefits of being a brother, please feel free to navigate around our webpage or contact us with one of the contacts listed.